Make A Simple Power Inverter Circuit For Powering Lights And Fans

In simple words inverters can be explained as units which are able to convert a low DC inputs into an amplified high AC output. Usually this DC is around 12 or 24 Volts acquired from an automobile battery, because only automobile batteries are able to provide the required high currents to the inverter for the intended application.
Inverters can be basically classified into twp types viz: square wave or sine wave inverters. Square wave inverters are simpler in their forms but have limited application areas as these can be used only for powering electrical loads (which does not involve electronic

parts) like lights, fans, soldering iron, electric shavers etc.
Sine wave inverters circuits
are difficult counterparts as far as complexity and cost is concerned.
However sine wave inverter can be used for powering all types of appliances no matter how sophisticated they may be.
Here we are discussing the building procedure of a simple square wave inverter circuit able to generate 220V AC and which can be used for powering lights and fans. The inverter needs quite a few electronic components yet is able to provide significant power outputs.
If built exactly as shown in the diagram, nothing can go wrong and you’ll be easily converting the input DC into powerful 220 AC. The input must be from a 12V car lead acid battery, though.

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