Making Efficient Automobile Headlight Lamps Using Super Flux 4-pin Leds

Super flux high intensity 4-pin LEDs are becoming very popular nowadays due to its super high intensity light emitting ability at minimal electrical consumption.

As shown in the figure the appearance of the LED also looks pretty interesting, the lens at the center is responsible for dazzling focusing effect of the produced illumination. The device utilizes the breakthrough Indium Gallium Nitride technology which generates florescent light emissions from it.

Understanding a 4 pin LED is very easy, folks who know how to handle 2 pin white LEDs will be quite comfortable handling a 4-pin device also, as practically both have identical specs.


4-pin LED may have 4 pin outs but on each side two of them are shorted internal, making just two pin out effective for the device, that is, on one side the two leads

are shorted to produce a cathode and similarly on the other side an anode.

Referring to the shown diagram, a very simple yet super powerful automotive head light can be made using about 48 of these LEDs in one group. The diagram shows the wiring connections which are very much identical to the normal white LEDs.

However due to their high intensities the devices generate a fair amount of heat which needs to be dissipated well, therefore the PCB used must a double side type, the rear side of the PCB is not required for the circuit layout, rather the copper is kept intact and is used as heatsink for the assembly.

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