How To Make A Potato Battery Through Easy Steps

Children with technical knacks will just love this simple potato battery project. It's about making an electricity genetator from a potato or any similar pulpy vegetable.

The experiment proves the theory which says that electrons starts flowing when two dissimilar metals are dipped or inserted inside an electrolyte and connected externally to constitute a circuit.

For the present proposed potato battery experiment you will need the following basic materials:

Four to five large sized fresh potatos.


Same number of dissimilar metal strip sets, for example if four potatos are taken then we will need four sets of dissimilar metals, probably

a copper and zinc, or iron and aluminium, depends upon what you are able to procure easily.


Wire up all the strip ends such that all of them get connected serially with alternate comnibations, like, if the wire link begins from a

copper strip, it gets connected next to the zinc and again from there to next copper and so on.

Finally we are left with two end connections of dissimilar metals which needs to be connected externally through an LED for the necessary indications.

Lastly we just go on inserting the strips deep into the potatos as shown in the DIAGRAM.

Once the fixing and making this potato battery is completed, hopefully you should be seeing a faint glow of light in the LED, proving that generating electricity through plants is indeed possible.

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