Making A Super Power Generator Circuit - Concept Unleashed

A request was sent to me by one of the readers Mr. Edward Pizzo (, regarding solving a circuit issue. The idea refers to a very interesting concept which behaves in quite a perpetual fashion. A charged battery #1 is used initially for starting an alternator which keeps running by utilizing the power from battery #1 and in the course generates enough power for running a few of the house appliances and for charging another battery #2. Once the earlier battery #1 gets discharged, the positions of the batteries (#1 and #2) are simply interchanged in order to keep the

system running, almost forever.

Here goes the problem from Mr.Edward regarding the making of a super power generator circuit:

"I am fairly good at building and fabricating, I went to school 20 years ago for electronics and communications what good that did me?

The issue is that I know enough to be dangerous but I just cant seem to get to the problem solving end of what I need done.

I have a bifilar coil circuit I need modified to incorporate a 10 amp load at 110 volts where the neon light goes. I know how to series and parallel the batteries to get what i need, however I am at a loss to the rebuild of the circuit to step up the amperage I keep blowing things up.

Please refer the Circuit Diagram for better

understanding of this homemade power generator circuit concept.

In its small scale it works flawlessly however I can not figure out how to step up the components to get the larger amperage through the circuit without blowing things up.

The coil wires are run together around a wood spool about a thousand turns then I have them stuffed with iron
In the center to make my core im using welding rod as the core. The magnetic motor is 12 magnets on a wheel all the poles facing in the same direction.
When you add your power supply the magnetic wheel starts spinning from the start coil, however the run side of the coil charges the secondary battery.
When the 2nd battery is disconnected the neon light turns on since I need to have that voltage go somewhere.
I keep putting bigger rated transistors but I keep burning up other parts of the circuit. If I figure this out ill be able to run my house without the need of the power company.
That’s including running ac units as well. I don’t remember the guys name who designed the circuit I cant find his forum anywhere."

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