My Color Tv Still Works Like Wonders After 20 Years

The Deawoo color TV which I had bought some 20 years ago still works like new, the following article explains about all its specs that could embarrass even the newer models.

Colour television that made its debut in the Tv market during 1990s belongs to the Easy View series from Daewoo Anchor Electronics. Unlike most televisions, where one experiences some kind of difficulty in adjusting the various parameters on the TV set, in the 50 cms and 52 cms Daewoo series the viewer is guided through an on—screen menu while operating the TV set. The Tvs are equipped with a smart

remote control capable of following all the commands on the TV, including functions like auto tuning, fine tuning, skipping blank channels, setting off-and—on timer etc. The remote keypad and operations are designed for the viewer’s convenience. With a picture and sound quality that is remarkable in its clarity and performance, the Tvs are extremely user-friendly by being completely menu driven.

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These Tvs incorporate a hyper band tuner capable of receiving all the 106 channels which a cable operator may transmit. The Tvs have multi system capability and are compatible with laser disc player. They also incorporate an ‘everyday alarm’ facility a unique feature where the W can be set for getting up

at a preset time every day. Two powerful hi—fidelity speakers mean that there is no sound distortion even at high volume. With the help nanny. vv 1u1 uib 11C1lJ of sleep timer, the TV will be switched off at the designated time if the viewer falls asleep while watching the TV. The quick view function allows to switch between two programmes at the press of a button.

With a channel skip facility one can skip all those channel memories where one has not stored any i programme. All Daewoo Tvs have a normal function where the factory recom- mended settings of colour, brightness, contrast and sharpness can be recalled whenever desired.

An in- built clock dis- plays the time on the screen. A VCR or a video camera can be connected directly to the TV for playback through the AV input. A direct recording from the TV can also be done through the AV output socket. Designed in Korea, these CTV models are part of Daewoo’s intemational range and guarantee trouble-free viewing. By virtue of their impressive impact and viewing realism, these high- featured CTVs make an excellent buy.

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