Nuclear Dawn - Quick Game Review

Have you experienced full FPS and RTS with other games? Well, Nuclear Dawn provides you with this feeling while palying in the single game play mode, with absolutely no interferences across both sides of the game.


“You get the feeling of being an actual soldier while exploring the virtually war affected, battered, mutilated landscapes of our today’s modern towns.

You immediately find your body temperature rise, your blood starts to boil and you have no other option but fight out the enemies using stealth infantry and loads of other weapons.”

Playing in the first person mode can be difficult with Nuclear Dawn especially

while shooting down the enemies, as the operations require great accuracy and skill with quicker reflexes.

You also require

remembering the map layout and anticipating while surging ahead. While acting as the commander the game takes to another level of action.

Here your commander skills are tested, arrange and organize your troops so that they are well placed strategically and tactically.

You must also plan your war structures through correct and well planned deployment of your soldiers.

Scanning the terrains and using the locations for your strategic becomes the name of the game, explore them, exploit them and sabotage enemy infrastructure before they can even think of a backlash or assault

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