Set-up Plans For Generating Hho Gas Fuel At Home

The basic ideas and plans needed to install your own homemade HHO gas generator is explained here


Water is the most abundant fuel in the world, and it can be taken from the ocean and rivers and from the atmosphere, by condensation, but through a process known as electrolysis, you can separate, oxygen and hydrogen, from the water.

The chemical symbol for water is h20, that’s 2 parts hydrogen and one part oxygen ,

And through the process of electrolysis you get a mixture of the both, and its called hydroxy gas, and the symbol for this is then , HHO, and

if you separate the hydrogen from the oxygen, you can power a car or anything that runs on fuel, by feeding the gas into the air intake of the carby, or through some modifications made to the carby or parts of the engine.

The oxygen and hydrogen mix can be used together. This particular mix was said to be implosive and creates a bright yellow flame, and can be used for welding, and does things that normal gas welders cannot do. In the picture above found on the net is a how water is used for gas welding.
In my research and experimentation with hho gas geberator plans,

I’ve managed to find some simple ideas and electronic circuits which I have used in my experiments, to separate hydroxy gas/ hydrogen / oxygen, from water, but due to the conductivity of the water, not being high enough, for the present voltage and low current I had, I used bi carbonate soda to mix into the water to increase its conductivity, enough for my experiments.

if you want fuel

from water without mixing bi carb soda into the water you will need more current , that I don’t have yet, so I’m using small sealed lead acid cell rechargeable batteries, and a 12 volts dc output, 1 amp transformer for when im not using batteries.

You can use a car battery as it has more amps than my smaller batteries have.

Though using electronic circuits in my experiments, ive found some to be good at extracting hydroxy gas, at low pressure and small amounts, and I was even able to inflate a balloon with the gas output. I use diggers brand demineralized water, mixed with bi carb soda, I mixed a full box to half a 4 liter container and shook it up till most of it dissolves, you will get plenty bi carb soda in the container that wont dissolve, so then you just empty the water, that contains the dissolved amount in it , into another container, for electrodes I used 302 grade stainless steel bolts, I brought from the local mazzegas hardware, in kelmscott, but they start to corrode a little bit after a while , so I found some 316 grade stainless steel bolts at the Kelmscott Coventry store , and the 316 grade stainless steel bolts are harder and not so corrosive so they are better, to use .

You can use 316 grade stainless steel sheets to or mesh. 


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