So You Want To Become A Freelance Writer And Earn Some Descent Money Online?

If you are seeking to earn a decent living through online writing, the easy way, then probably there’s not a single site you would find here to write for – that’s indeed very sad, but true. If you try doing some Googling by typing say, “sites that pay you for writing”, “websites that pay you for page views” etc. etc., you would be directed toward a bulk of many different writing domains like,,,, etc. However when you actually try out writing for these websites you find that it was a complete waste of time and

This might sound very disappointing but that’s the truth, especially in the present scenario, earning decent income through writing online has become almost impossible today. The internet has all of a sudden has become an arid and a gloomy place for the freelance writers.
Just some years back, there were many websites which actually paid for writing (residual income), and were quite a paradise for the many online writers. However this led to a flood of sub standard content on the internet, which were mostly rewritten versions of other published posts. Google, who presently governs the internet search engine understood the issue and was very “annoyed” with the proceedings. Google tried many algorithms with its crawlers to put a check over many crappy sites, but the more it tried, the more it found itself tricked, again and again b y the many smart SEO experts, who could always emerge out on top, earning some easy bucks by selling low standard content and introducing disgust to the readers and the internet consumers.
The recent crack down by the “panda” probably has hit the bull’s eye. The present Google criteria does not rely solely on good SEO, rather it closely monitors many
aspects of the content like, it’s length, time spent on the page by the readers, number of likes received, uniqueness of the content and how less it’s crowded with advertisements. The last criterion is probably what has punched the final nail in the coffin of many reputed content farms who were busy earning $$ by placing catchy advertisements on their pages. Google has probably made it very clear, the more ads you place in your web pages, more backward you are pushed in the SEO.
With no ads entertained the websites can no longer earn efficiently now and therefore cannot come out with interesting paid writing schemes. With such stern criterions subjected, many websites shutdown recently, and the ones which are there, pay you almost nothing.
However, apparently it seems Google likes websites who carry out only the Google Adsense beside their articles and therefore you will witness many smaller websites, like our very own Experts Column, have clearly passed with flying colors and have in fact impressed the Panda, that’s why we find most of our posts on the first couple of Google pages. I am curious to know regarding any other site like Experts Column that might exist, because Expets Culumn really pays you and the earning is directly proportional to the number articles you publish, that’s the yard stick which proves that it’s a legit site.
Conclusion: Earning money by writing on internet was lucrative sometime back, now the place is as good as a graveyard for the freelance writers, Google has completely choked the system.


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