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Low-fat diet, because they may need to boost their iron intake to keep their hair and skin from looking dull and dry. Others recommend drinking lots of green tea and eating berries daily. And the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) says certain antioxidants are critical in warding off or even reversing the aging that comes from sun damage (of course, you still need to wear sunscreen). S0 what are these ingredients that can help fuel a transformation from the inside out? Here are the things the experts say are most promising.


Vitamin C

 If you never Saw the Sun, you might feel

a little glum, but your skin would probably look years younger. That’s because sunlight’s ultraviolet rays stimulate the production of free radicals, unstable molecules that ricoehet through the layers of your skin like tiny bullets. Vitamin C is one of the best defenses against free radicals. lt binds to them and makes them harmless. and prevents inflammation and sun damage. But the vitamin is not just preventive. Vitamin C reverses age damage as well. by increasing the production of collagen, one of the most critical structural elements in skin that keeps it firm and elastic. Where to get in You need at least 1,000 milligrams daily. Best sources: amla, maxambi, lemon, orange, guava, sprouts, leafy greens, potato with skin (bake, microwave or pressure cook potatoes in minimum water. to retain C), T0 get the vitamins full benefit, studies suggest using a vitamin C-based skin cream, t00. (See “Bea11ty in A Bottle.”)

Vitamin E

Abundant in thc outermost layer of skin, vitamin E is the first line of defense against UV light — nature’s own sun blocker. Studies show that vitamin E reduces sun damage and helps skin texture. including preventing wrinkles. But the vitamin is depleted by sunlight, so it needs constant replenishing. Where tn get

in Vitamin E is best absorbed when it’s acquired from food sources, like nuts and seeds, fish liver oil, wheatgerm oil. sunflower oil, eggs, milk. and leafy greens.


The mineral selenium and vitamin E work together as skin plumpers, keeping skin Q; smooth and elastic. Selenium also fights damage to cells, i _ such as that caused by 1 smoking or pollution. where to get in Whole wheat products, fish and shellfish, meat (esp. kidney), chicken, eggs, garlic. Vegetables grown in selenium rich soil are also good sources.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the best—known { skin treatments (think of tretihoin, the first skin cream i demonstrated to reduce wrinkles). The vitamin also helps even out skin tone, and works to prevent acne and dry, itchy skin. Some people’s skin may get irritated by A-based creams, but everyone can benefit from dietary vitamin A. Where to gel in Best (direct) sources are egg (yolk), meat (esp liver), and dairy products. Vitamin A is also synthesized from beta carotene, a carotenoid (see below).


Many plants are high in compounds called bioflavonoids and carotenoids, which protect against damage from sunlight (best studied are betztcarotene, the orange and yellow pigment in carrots and mangoes; lutein, which gives dark leafy greens their colour; and lycopene. which makes tomatoes blush). So when you eat a diet filled with fruits and vegetables, you are giving that protective system to yourself, These compounds are potent antioxidants, and they also boost ” collagen synthesis. This data was collected from HEALTH Magazine India


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