The Viper 4204v Responder Car Security System - A Review From Avenue Sound

Viper's magnificent produce, the Responder LE transceivers takes a huge leap with the introduction of the latest remote keyless start car security sytsems, and registers an overwhelming approach in the field of electronic key-chain type car control remote systems. These sleek & advanced 2-Way remote controls display an efficient and neat ergonomic professional package, especially designed to fit the operator’s grip perfectly, allowing easy and quick flick operation.


• One 5-Button 2-way Remote: This feature enables you to operate the given security features remotely and also receive a confirmation message from the system ensuring the implementation
• One

5-Button 1-way Remote: ith this remote handset, you may do all the necessary arming of your vehicle remotely, but without receiving any confirmations.
• Super Code signalling technology: This technology ensures that the transmitted signals from the remote can never be hacked, corrupted, or copied by any external device or person.
• Car locator/Panic mode operation: This feature helps you to locate or trace down your car within the specified distance amongst a host of other vehicles. Just press the relevant button of your remote, your car starts generating visual and audible signals.
• Parking side indicator Light blink relay: An inbuilt flasher may be operated by a flick

of your finger and your vehicle side parking lights starts flashing, now no need to reach the manual switches for triggering the flasher lights of your car.
• Antenna with built-in LED/Valet Switch: This feature enables you operate your remote even in complete darkness.
• XK400N Databus Integration Slot: Includes advanced port for integrating XK400N database.
• Quiet Mode double Siren-less operation: If you don’t want to rattle your neighbors, just toggle this feature and your vehicle gets armed or disarmed silently, without uttering a “word”.
• Onboard XCR Remote Start Relays: These extreme hi-tech relay assemblies respond instantly to start your car when you click your keyless entry button from your remote control handset.

The above are a just a few of the features, if you want to know more or even interested to buy this unit for your car, just dial, the one stop shop for all electronic car and home audio video products. Here the customer is the boss.

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