Viper Smart Start Car Security System Vss4000 - User Experience, Review

Just a couple of days ago, one of my friends Mr.Rony installed the viper smart-start system vss4000 car security system and got the oppurtunity to experience this amazing, and the most sophisticated to date security equipment.

When I met him yesterday from his expressions it seemed quite obvious that he was pretty impressed by the security system's performance and before I could ask him more, he had already removed his iphone to show how the system operated.

Before I could utter a word, my over enthusiastic friend started explaining all the nice things that this unit offered him. OK, let

me interpret my friends exciting experience to you all in a more realistic manner (THANKS TO AVENUE SOUND FOR SUGGESTING THIS AMAZING UNIT TO MY FRIEND AND FOR ALL SUPPORT AND SUPERB CUSTOMER SERVICE)

The vss4000 car security system is indeed an amazing device especially meant for your car’s protection with ultimate security features.

You can start your car from your iphone from any part on this planet, with just a flick of your finger over the relevant icon.

Similarly the system allows you to arm and disarm your

car by locking and unlocking your car doors, bonnet, hood, trunk all through mere finger touches over the respective icons.

Now you may switch ON your cars AC, or heater using your iphone from any part of the globe.

Want to share your car with your friend, but confused about sharing your iphone? Not a problem, just assign your friend’s phone number into the system, and it starts obeying your friend’s orders, isn’t that simple?

Well these are just a few to mention, there are a probably loads of more things this smart security system is able to execute, if you are interested to get the same installed in your car, get immediate help from AVENUE SOUND, the best place to shop online for all audio video related products.

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