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RATIO: The relation between two terms (quantities numbers etc. when they are of the same kind, is termed as ratio. The relatio means the comparison between two terms. To express the relation between 10 & 5, we say the ratio of 10 to 5 is 10/5 = 2. A ratio can be stated as: the ratio of 10 to 5, or 10:5 (pronounced as is-to). Like fraction, by multiplying two terms of ghe ratio by a commonl number, the ratio remains unaltered. The ratio 1:2 is equal to A 2:4 or 12:24 or 48:96 etc. FINDING TERMS AND

RATIO D RULE?. Divide first term by the second term to obtain the ratio‘ · For example 6:2
= ? 6/2 = 3 which is the ratio. RULE:2. Multiply the second term bv the ratio to find the first term. 6. , For example ?:2 = 3 with the help of Rule 2, we get 2x3 = 6. So the firste term is 6. RULE:3. Divide the first term by the ratio to get the 2nd term. For example 6:? = 3 with the help of Rule 3, we have 6/3 = 2, 2 is the second term.

Proportion may be defined as an expression of equality between two ratios. For example, 9/3 equals 3 and 12/4 equals 3 . Here we get the same number 3 from both ratio, we can say that 9/3 equals to 12/4 or 9:3 = 12:4. It may be written as 9:3::12:4 wherein :: means equal to (pronounced as asto) In proportion out of a set of four numbers, the two end numbers are known as Extremes and the middle two as Means.

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