What Is A Triac? Understanding A Triac

If you know something about electronics you will know a little about this important electronic part called triac. Triacs are basically one of the active members of the electronic component family used for switching applications.
Switching application refers to the making and breaking of a particular load that might be connected with the component. In other words, a triac functions quite like the mechanical switch that we normally employ for switching our domestic load ON or OFF.

If you take a triac, it will have the following appearance, let's understand what is a triac:

It is a black colored part,

having a squarish body with three leads attached .
The hind portion of the triac is fitted with a metal plate while the front consists of the number and other related specs of the device.
The back metal plate also carries a small hole at the top, which an be used for screwing an external metal which may act like an heatsink if the device is controlling high load currents and tends to heat up.

/> The three leads have distinct functional specs, which can be studied with the following points:

Holding the triac facing you and with it’s printed side toward you, the rightmost lead is the gate of the device, the leftmost is the lead which gets connected to the load, and the center lead is the ground and goes to the relevant line of the circuit.
The agte is the trigger lead of the device, this lead requires an external DC trigger for powering a load that;’s connected to its leftmost lead.
Once this happens, the power from the load passes across the left and the right lead of the triac such that the load finally receives the required voltage through it.
Removing the gate trigger switches OFF the load and vice versa.
A triac is a solid state version of a relay, which also an electronic switching device albeit mechanical.

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