Why Experts Column Is One Of The Best Websites To Write For And Earn A Steady Passive Income

I was referred to this wonderful website just a couple of months back by one of the fellow writers and my friend Mr.Guraynsj, and honestly when I started writing here I was pretty skeptical about this site as far as payments and earnings are concerned.
Initially I started contributing just as a trial and I truly apologize for not posting quality contents during my start here.
I kept a close watch, though, over the proceedings and was really amazed to see a steady rise in my revenue share; this amazement was particularly due to the fact that generating steady and

constant revenue (no matter how small the rate may be) through writing online is indeed very difficult and with some sites, just impossible.
I have tried a number of sites like Triond, Wikinut, Xomba (worst to write for), Hubpages etc. and have only failed to generate any income even after producing many quality stuffs there.
However in Experts Column things are entirely different, as I gradually started realizing that here the revenue rise is actually happening, I started
looking for the reasons behind such astonishing response to the articles.
The investigation led to the fact that Experts Column has somehow managed to impress “Google” and therefore all the articles written here mostly finds itself placed on the first pages of Google, something that most top websites are vying for and have only managed to struggle.

Even if the keywords are shuffled, produces the same results and you find your articles right on TOP.

If you expect that you want to get really paid honestly for all the hard work that you've done. probably this is one of the best websites to get going.
Today I’ve realized that writing for Experts Column truly pays you and I am concentrating on contributing credible articles here and will continue doing so – LONG LIVE Experts Column.

Note : Websites which do not provide the writers with "per 1000 view" rates are either scams or virtually impossible to earn from.


Article Written By Swagatam

Swagatam is a blogger at Expertscolumn.com

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