How To Build Ir Flood Light Illuminator Circuit - Diagram Included

 We probably use it every day in our day to day life yet never identify this outstanding tiny device which has helped us to completely change our way of living.
Yes we are talking about the IR or the infra Red LEDs which are most commonly used in all remote control handsets used for operating TVs, DVD players etc.
The device looks exactly like ordinary LEDs; however they differ by a big way from them when it comes to the emission of light.

Please Refer the IR LED Illuminator CIRCUIT DIAGRAM
IR LEDs though also emit light but not at wavelengths

that may be visible to a naked human eye.
It generates lights at narrow bands that are completely invisible to naked eye but are
readily sensed and detected by special interceptor and converted to the desired outputs or visible layouts.
This feature has been perfectly exploited by many defense organizations for many surveillance purposes.
However for tracking large areas during pitch dark situations, IR illuminator flood lights are utilized for illuminating large field areas in order to make them visible through IR binoculars and receptors.
The circuit described can be used as IR floodlight illuminator, the main feature of this circuit is that it uses just a single PP3 battery for producing the necessary flood light illumination levels.

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