How To Make A Simplest Over Voltage And Surge Protector Circuit For Your Tv Sets

Ac Mains input of our houses is the basis of all entertainment, work, earning, luxury, in fact the basic need of todays life. Without home electricity life is impossible to even imagine. 

All our electronic gagdets and appliances depend and operate at AC mains potentials, without which the various sophisticated appliances become quite useless. However the dark side of the power supply availble in our residences is it's occassional unpredictable nature which makes it a bit dangerous as far as the high grade electronic equipment like TVs, computers or music systems are concerned.

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Though there are a number of voltage guard equipment available in the market, these units are either very costly, the cheaper ones are not so reliable or are prone to the voltage filuctuation and get damaged themselves.


the general types of voltage stabilizers employ relays for the desired voltage control operations which causes electrical sparks and transients with the connected appliance and therefore not the safest option to be recomended.

A very simple or rather simplest yet effective over voltage stabilizer circuit (tested by me for ten long years) is explained here. The making of this voltage stabilizer circuit is so simple, will be hard to believe it's reliablity, but I've tried it practically it really works and keeps sophisticated gadgets like TVs, computers, music systems absolutely safe from sudden high voltages, surges, spikes, transients etc.

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