How To Understand Pin Configuration Of The Ic 4017 - Pin Outs Explained

We accept already advised about the 8085 pin description and the 4060 dent in our discussions accompanying to Integrated Ambit chips. We additionally learnt how to decouple a argumentation circuit. In this commodity we will allocution about 4017 pin outs in detail.

For a  comprehensive discussion regarding the pin configuration of the IC 4017, READ MORE....

The IC 4017 is a able IC of the CMOS ancestors which has got advanced ambit of applications. Internally it consists of a 10 date decade counter/divider. When a alarm beating is activated to it externally, its outputs become argumentation 'hi' and 'lo' sequentially (one

afterwards the other). It has got abundant applications, for archetype in circuits area consecutive switching are appropriate and additionally in adorning accessory lighting, area the lights are switched on and off sequentially giving
it a 'running' effect.

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As can be from the diagram above, the IC 4017 is a 16 pin bifold in band amalgamation IC. Pin 1 can be articular from a baby depressed amphitheater at the acute larboard bend of the IC, or artlessly one can consistently remember, the printed ancillary of the IC adverse appear you, the pin alpha from the larboard ancillary of the semi amphitheater cleft of every IC is pin 1.

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