How To Build Simple 555 Ic Application Cicuits - Rain Sensor Circuit, Light Sensor Circuit

We all know how a circuit operates in a monostable mode, a number of different alarm circuits using 555 timer applications may be designed. Two simple circuit ideas of a rain sensor and a light sensor circuit are explained here. Hobbyists will surely enjoy making them with the help of the given circuit schematics.

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In one of my antecedent accessories I discussed a few simple
ambit account application the evergreen, able IC 555. Here we will absorb some time with this crammer IC and apprentice how to body a brace of accessible anxiety circuits application 555 timer applications. As explained earlier, the best accepted approach in which the IC 555 can be configured is in the anatomy of a monostable multivibrator. In this approach the IC charcoal continuously in an active standby position. Its pin #2 may
be chip with altered sensors to accomplish the ambit ascertain the accordant ambit and actuate an anxiety or a antitoxin accessory affiliated to its achievement for arresting the sensed danger. The activated anxiety may be active to latch up assuredly or switched ON for a anchored agreed aeon set by the alien timing components. In the monostable mode, the ambit may be chic into some advantageous anxiety circuits.



The aboriginal ambit declared is of a rain sensor which will aftermath an aural accent the moment it comes in acquaintance with water. Thus it may be acclimated to ascertain the admission of rain, so that one may accompany the admired assets like a agent or clothes beneath awning afore they are decrepit in abundant showers.


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