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How to Draw Manga, Anime Pictures Using Corel-Draw - Step Wise Tutorial
Published By Swagatam on 2011-10-20 547 Views

In Japanese language anime means animation. These are in the form of cartoon characters and have become very famous of late, especially with the children.
The reason behind this popularity is the funny and cute looking faces of the characters drawn. They are very drawn using simple techniques yet are very impressive with their looks.
If you look at the eyes for example you find them so amazingly bright and lovely. They have a peculiar glow and gloss which look very attractive.
The attractiveness oft these special looking characters have forced many to try and draw all by themselves. However without learning the basics it may seem quite difficult to master the strokes involved.
Learn the whole procedure of drawing manga pictures.
Though the drawing can be done by using paper and pencil, drawing in the computer using some software can be more intriguing and produce better results.
Here we describe how to draw manga characters in corel-draw through the various options provided there.
We begin with a simple looking manga face of a child. First we start making its hair by using the free hand Bezier tool. We go on to complete the hair and then put some color on the hairs.
Next we proceed with the outline of the face and color it as above, producing some effect on the picture.
Next we paint the eyes by making a relatively larger square and then ut a circle of appropriate size. We again color the two sections of the eyes with white as the background and black to the eyeball. We then put the typical gloss to the eyes by the filler tool.

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