How To Make A Led Tube Light Circuit

A simple LED tube light can be made using some number of LEDs and a small electronic circuit power supply. LEDs are basically white, that is on illumination they give out bright white light, which are blinding to watch and can damage your eyes if looked straight into them, so bright they are.

Yet still these devices consume very little power compared to the output they provide. So basically these light bulbs can be assembled in together to form a nice little power tube light devices.

Wondering how to make a LED tube light circuit?

The assembly may be carried out in

the following manner:

Procure some 50 LEDs, which must be ideally high efficiency types.

Also procure a relevant sized general PCB also called veroboard, a 12 by 6 inches will suffice the need.

Please refer the Circuit Diagram Here
Insert the LEDs one by one
over the PCB, making sure that they are oriented in line and with the same style, basically this is required so that the smaller lead of one LED can reach the bigger of the next LED and so on, that exactly how the whole LED chain must be fixed.

Finally you will find that the chain of the LED is left with their two opposite ends open, one of the lead will be obviously a small one and the other a bigger one. The small lead is the cathode and the big lead is the anode. Just connect the power supply positive to the anode and negative to the cathode..your LED tube light circuit is ready and dazzling.

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