How To Make An Efficient Led Emergency Light Circuit - Diagram Added

A very simple emergency light circuit using LEDs can be built at home using some very ordinary electronic parts. The circuit explained here can be plugged into your domestic mains AC socket. As long as power is present, the circuit keeps the LEDs switched OFF, but the moment AC mains disrupts, the circuits immediately switches into action and illuminated the connected LEDs. Let’s learn how to make a simple LED emergency light circuit.

Referring to the diagram, you will need the following basic parts for the assembly of the above circuit:

100 Ohms – 1 no.
1m – 1no.

– 1no.
22 Ohms – 24 no.


105/400V – 1no.
100 uF/ 25V,

Zener – 9 volts 1watt,

Diodes – 1N4007,

Transistor – BD 140,

Battery – 6 Volt, 4 AH, SUNCA

Veroboard cut according to the size.

LED – High efficiency white, 5mm – 24 no.

The assembly is done as explained below:


solder all the LEDs over the veroboard such that they all are oriented perfectly in rows and columns as desired by you. Spread them so that they can be wired up easily as per the given circuit diagram.

Next, solder the transistor and the other associated parts over the veroboard with the aid of the circuit diagram, correctly.

Finally, connect a fully charged battery to the circuit, the LEDs should illuminate instantly, however the moment you plug the circuit into AC mains the LEDs shut OFF and the battery starts trickle charging.


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