How To Make A Mains 230 Volts, 120 Volts Operated Light Chaser Circuit - Diagram Included

Light chasers are devices that are used for generating interesting moving illuminated light patterns which look like as if they are “running” or “chasing.”
Basically these are arrays of bulbs either incandescent or LED types which are illuminated in sequence or one after the other using electronic circuits.
Mostly these lights are LED types only but the units can be very well modified for operating incandescent bulbs operating at AC mains levels.
Please refer the CIRCUIT DIAGRAM for understanding the whole construction procedure and for learning how to make a 230 volt, 120 volt light chaser circuit.
Here we

discuss one such light chaser circuit using the IC 4017 which is Johnson’s decade counter divider
As we know that this IC has 10 discrete outputs which can be driven through external clock signals generated from an oscillator.
The outputs become sequentially high and low corresponding to the above clock inputs.
If the LEDs are connected with the outputs, they start illuminating in sequence giving a chasing effect.
However if the outputs are configured with Triacs, it becomes possible to drive high power incandescent lights operating through AC 230 volts or 120 volts mains.
The unit can be used for decorating house entrances or walls during festivals like Diwali and Christmas.

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