How To Make Electronic Hobbyists Circuits

Are you a lover of electronics? Or may be an electronic enthusiast? Then surely the circuits explained will interest you greatly.

You can call it a hobbyists paradize, simply because the content is mended just to suit an electronic novice.

The circuits provided here are innovative, intriguing and simple yet are able perform important functions.

Please refer the bunch of ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS to better understand how to make hobbyists circuitsl

Take for example the circuit of an automatic night lamp, which requires just a couple of active electronic parts to build yet is able to perform power saving performances of switching ON street

lamps of porch lights automatically during night and switching them OFF immediately when dawn breaks. The functions follows relentlessly almost for ever, saving precious electricity and man hour.

Other simple circuits like flashlight, bicycle speedometer, bicycle dynamo windmill, SCR

circuits, small transistor circuits all are a treat to the many young budding scientists.


The circuits presented don't just include simple circuits, but also complicated ones for our "big brothers" of electronics. Typically the contents include interesting inverter circuits which are though complex and dangerous from a newcomers point of view, introduces us with absolute new concepts that can be built right in the house saving huge costs as compared to the commercial counterparts. 

The content is also full of audio circuits in the form of small IC configurations and a few powerful mosfet amplifier DJ circuits. Go gorge on them folks....

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